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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Being confident is sexy, says Malaika Arora

India's next top model judge talks about sex appeal, confidence and inner strength.-Malaika Arora

Being confident is sexy, says Malaika Arora
Being confident is sexy, says Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora does not need any introduction. The former model and VJA have represented themselves as judges of fashionistas and reality shows in recent years. In the fourth season of MTV's Indiana's Next Top Model, she becomes a gear to share the panel of judges with Debibu Ratni, Milind Soman, Anusha Dandekar and Neeraj Gabba.

"We have a beautiful line for Season 4. We are  Malaika Arora searching for someone who is better than the winner of the last season. This season will definitely be bigger and better," says Malyak.

Talking about her thoughts of beauty  Malaika Arora and confidence, she says, "We live in a country where people discriminate for their color and I am happy that many celebrities are coming forward and addressing this issue. I personally Does not support any impartial cream. "

"On the show, we recently came to a long, dark beauty and took some time to make it comfortable with us. As guides, we help the competitors work on their language skills and self-confidence. Malaika Arora India's Next Top Model Season 4 There are also some girls from small towns and villages - some who have come to Mumbai for the first time. We try to trust them all. Or that, and I'm sure that by the end of the show they will change for the better, "she adds.

Malacca also says that there is a lot more to the beauty and sex appeal than physical features. "I remember, when I grew up I was not considered to be beautiful. People thought that I was short and dark and I saw exactly. She says," But I think I am beautiful for  Malaika Arora various reasons - I am an independent, one Ma monther, a working woman, and she makes me beautiful, "she says," is not sexy to wear short clothes with little necklines. It's sexy to be confident about your body. Being a mother is sexy. "

We recently asked a divorced star how he has arranged in single motherhood and he answers, "I am still learning from my mistakes and working on making things worthwhile. But I do not have  Malaika Arora any complaints, I love my life My son is my supportive system and I am confident that if he tells you the things I say, he will kill me. I can only say that I am I am sharing a beautiful relationship with her. "

We want to know where he has got his power. "Honestly speaking, my life is run by yoga, it helps me to stay calm and be positive, I also get strength from my son and my three best friends  Malaika Arora. Most importantly, I do not harass myself by speaking freely, And I'm not afraid of anything - no matter how big. Work and financial independence bring me confidence, "says Malacca.

"We need to discuss this issue openly, unfortunately, she has not received enough support. To open  Malaika Arora something about most women who do not talk about women, we need to respect it," she said in her opinion about the recent tanushree datta controversy. So, what if he talks about it after ten years? "
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"I do not think Bollywood is cleanliness. Bollywood people are not hygienic. Unfortunately, these events  Malaika Arora happen, and we need to address them," she concludes.

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